21 Day Fix…keeping me on the straight and narrow to the path of HEALTHY!

With all the healthy eating buzz going around I decided I better get on the band wagon too! I’ve tried baking clean, cooking with clean ingredients, even following the Advocare diet. It always seemed like I couldn’t ever really stick to one thing. The rules and do’s and don’ts became a lot and I fell off the band wagon. I veered from the path and I did NOT feel good about myself physically or mentally. I needed some direction!

Through social media I started to follow a Beachbody Coach, Megan Wight. Her Facebook posts were full of great humor but also very encouraging to the “average” person trying to look and feel their best! Every couple of days she would post her real thoughts about the struggles of being a mom (which no I am not a mom, yet!) and also a young lady trying to be successful and fulfilled in her own way! Let’s just say, she has inspired me!!

I started to research the program Megan would talk about on her Facebook page. She mentioned to lose her post baby weight she completed the program called, “The 21 Day Fix.” I was intrigued. I figured if she could lose post baby weight from this program I could definitely feel better about myself by doing this too!

I started the 21 Day Fix with the motivation of curiosity pushing me forward! My husband would help me with all of my meal prep for the week and he supported me through my workouts and early mornings. I researched recipes on Pinterest and picked up a few from Megan as well.

Completeing the 21 Day Fix was liberating! I lost 2 total inches and 1 pound but the icing on the cake (obviously not literally 😉 ) was the before and after pictures of myself. These pictures spoke volumes compared to the numbers!

For more information and encouragement on the 21 Day Fix visit Megan’s website at http://www.wightfitness.com


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