Wife of a Farmer: Harvest

My husband is a South Dakota farmer. His family and him farm corn, soybeans, and wheat. This time of year can be very hard on a couple, especially a couple that is involved in the farming life. Harvest season is a little worse than planting season. Harvest hours are longer and the day light becomes less and less as the days go by. When the sun does set so soon it makes for a long night at home alone! Below I have listed 4 ways I keep myself busy during harvest:

1. I try to deliver supper out to the field as much as possible. If I deliver supper this means I get to see my husband. Even if I only get to see him in a bumpy tractor or semi-truck ride it is still time we get to spend together one-on-one (with a little CB radio chatter in the background).

2. I catch up on the most recent fall/winter fashion. As much as I love catching up on the most recent styles, my husband surely does not appreciate my online shopping addiction! So, I am warning you now, beware…I don’t suggest following my footsteps in this case!

3. Keeping up on all social media is super easy this time of year. Scrolling through the long feeds of Instagram and Facebook is a nightly routine! Quiz me. 😉

4. Household duties: laundry, keeping the kitchen clean (which is very easy when cooking for ONE person this time of year), and going through the mail.

Although, some of these ways of keeping myself busy during harvest may not be glamorous or fun to the average lady, this is what I do. I am so thankful for the crops my husband and his family grow each year. They take pride in what they do and I am so proud! This time of year is so beautiful and they have a birds-eye-view of the beautiful South Dakota nature.


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