Preparing to Pack…Trying to Avoid Overpacking

This upcoming weekend is my cousin David’s wedding. Our whole family and extended family is taking the couple hour plane ride to Michigan to have a whole lot of fun! It has become tradition that the entire family travels near and far to each family wedding to let loose and celebrate such great occasions.

Even though I look forward to having a fabulous time at each family get together I always immediately think to myself, “What am I going to wear?”

Depending on the weather and what type of events I am participating in determines what I pack in my suitcase. My first step is making a long list. The list includes the days of the week I’ll be staying and then listed under each day is the day and night outfits (including shoe choices). I am usually the girl that has the overweight suitcase at the airport so lately I’ve really been trying not to overpack my suitcase and follow my list I initially scribble out. Don’t forget miscellaneous items, such as toiletry items and jewelry!

Wish me luck on my adventure to Michigan!

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