Puppy Chow

First of all, do you know anyone that hates Puppy Chow? I surely do not! Puppy Chow reminds me of summer swim meets. The reason why it brings memories back for me is because, my sisters and our teammates would live for the homemade Puppy Chow at the swim meets. We would make our way up to the concession stand after warm-ups and dig through all the zip-loc bags full of the powdery yummy treat to find the perfect coating of powder and find the single bag that appeared to have the most in it. Sounds like we were really focused on our races right?! 😉

The reason I made Puppy Chow recently was for a work christmas party. It’s easy and everyone loves it. It’s a great go-to hit!


Puppy Chow Recipe

9 c chex (any variety)
1 c semi-sweet chocolate chips
½ c peanut butter
½ c butter or margarine
1 tsp vanilla
1½ c powdered sugar

1. Into large bowl, measure cereal, set aside.
2. In 1 quart sauce pan, heat chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter over low heat stirring frequently until melted.
3. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla.
4. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated.
5. Pour into two gallon resealable plastic bags.
6. Add powdered sugar.
7. Seal bag and shake until well coated.
8. Spread over waxed paper to cool. (I skipped this step and put it directly into a container)
9. Store in airtight containers.

EXCITING NEWS: Baby Ryckman due to arrive July 2015!

The year 2015 sure will be an exciting year for my husband and I. Today Jordan and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby July 2015. We are counting down the days until Baby Ryckman arrives! 🙂

Not only are we having a baby but we are also building our dream home! Continue to follow me in my journey…it’s going to be a busy 2015!



Christmas Shopping Complete!

This year I was really on the ball! Late October I began my Christmas shopping list. In my handy-dandy iPhone I create a memo. In this memo, I list everyone (mostly immediate family) I am planning on purchasing something for. I personally buy for about 11-13 people. As the days and weeks continue to inch closer and closer to Christmas I list possible “good-ideas” in this memo next to each family members name. As I go down the list I can then mark off the individual as I buy their special gift from Jordan and I. If I didn’t go by this method I know I would for sure be wondering by December 24th, “what the heck did I buy again”?


Do you have your Christmas Shopping completed?

I shopped at various retailers to find the perfect gifts for my families! For example, Wal-mart, Apple Inc., Moccasin Creek Country Club, LuluLemon, Pottery Barn Kids, Best Buy, Athleta, Karisma Boutique, and Macy’s. From supporting small local businesses to also purchasing these gifts at large retailers, I believe I found some great gifts to make my family happy and grateful this holiday season! Good luck to you in finding your perfect holiday gifts on your list!