Christmas Shopping Complete!

This year I was really on the ball! Late October I began my Christmas shopping list. In my handy-dandy iPhone I create a memo. In this memo, I list everyone (mostly immediate family) I am planning on purchasing something for. I personally buy for about 11-13 people. As the days and weeks continue to inch closer and closer to Christmas I list possible “good-ideas” in this memo next to each family members name. As I go down the list I can then mark off the individual as I buy their special gift from Jordan and I. If I didn’t go by this method I know I would for sure be wondering by December 24th, “what the heck did I buy again”?


Do you have your Christmas Shopping completed?

I shopped at various retailers to find the perfect gifts for my families! For example, Wal-mart, Apple Inc., Moccasin Creek Country Club, LuluLemon, Pottery Barn Kids, Best Buy, Athleta, Karisma Boutique, and Macy’s. From supporting small local businesses to also purchasing these gifts at large retailers, I believe I found some great gifts to make my family happy and grateful this holiday season! Good luck to you in finding your perfect holiday gifts on your list!